a research paper about how the internet affects mental health

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English 1 Research Paper Assignment

Topic: Write a research paper that shows how digital technologies (i.e., the Internet, social networks, smart phones, apps, etc.) are positively or negatively influencing one part of contemporary society. The paper should critically and thoughtfully argue how digital technologies are affecting one specific topic. Although your paper might consider opposing views or trends, it should take a clear overall stand on the benefits or problems caused by digital technologies in your topic. Through substantial research, the paper should offer an academic argument that goes beyond confirming your personal experience or restating obvious ideas. I strongly recommend you pick a topic related to either your major or a personal hobby.

The paper might investigate how digital technologies are influencing:

The way we read or what we read, and/or the way we write of what we write The way we share or collaborate The way we think or the structure of the neurons in our brain How political change (local, national, or international) is brought about How the news profession operates The transformation of one of the media (film, music, book, etc.) industries The way businesses operate The way we celebrate, grieve, and/or emotionally express ourselves The way we meet, develop intimacy, and form relationships The culture/habits of specific age groups or specific ethnic, racial, gender, minority, or religious groups The development or raising of children The relationships of family members Privacy or ideas about privacy The education of college students

Requirements: ___The paper must be 7-10 pages in length. This requirement does not include the Works Cited page. ___Correctly use the MLA format for all in-text citations. ___Provide a separate Works Cited page that conforms to the MLA guidelines. ___Use at least seven documented sources that are well chosen. ___At least two of your source must be scholarly journal articles.

Grading: Your grade will be determined by 1) the strength of your argument, 2) the credibility of your research, and 3) the quality of your writing. The argument needs to be organized and intelligent. It should offer genuinely insightful claims about the topic. The research needs to be undertaken and presented in a way that strongly enhances the credibility of your paper’s argument. The writing, including its strict adherence to the MLA guidelines, needs to be clear and correct.

Research Proposal Guidelines: Write a description of the specific topic you intend to investigate. Try to outline the issues and debates on the topic that you need to look into. What are the kinds of questions that your research will attempt to answer? The research proposal should be about 1/3 to 1⁄2 a page and also include a Works Cited with two preliminary sources you have found

7 sources minimum and 2 sources have to be scholarly articles

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