aristotle politics

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The goal of Aristotle’s Politics is to determine what the best regime is, and then what the best possible regime is. Aristotle goes through a process to get to the answer to his query. He asks the following set of questions: 1) what is the highest good? 2) What is the best human being? 3) What is the best citizen? 4) What is the best regime? 5) What is the best possible regime?

In answering all of these questions, Aristotle reveals that politics is a subset of ethics, and that the purpose of the political regime is develop the best persons morally, an idea that is foreign to our way of thinking about politics.

Answer each of the following (5) questions above, using the text of the Politics to support your answers. And conclude the paper by assessing whether Aristotle succeeds in determining what the best regime is, and what the best possible regime is.

Hint: you will not do well on this paper if you do not quote and cite the Politics properly. If you fail to quote the Politicsat all, you are telling me that you did not read the text. This is not a research paper, so you do not need to quote secondary sources. It is best if you don’t, because they will confuse you.

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