Blue Mountain Community College Gender Neutral Children Discussion

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This question has to do with a professor who is raising her child gender-free/gender-neutral, so to speak (the child is now old enough to know their sex, but are told that sex is irrelevant other than as it pertains to biological functions). No one except for daycare providers, relatives, and her husband knows the child’s sex, with the exception of a few of her close friends who have pretty much figured it out to due pronoun slip-ups here and there. We can’t tell from his/her name. We can’t tell from his/her clothes or photos she posts on Facebook. We can’t tell from the toys the child plays with or the activities with which he or she is involved. Mind you, this professor is a successful neuroendocrinologist, so her children know about their own genitalia. 


1. The first part of your assignment is to read the following link and summarize it: .IF YOU CANNOT OPEN THE LINK, COPY AND PASTE INTO YOUR BROWSER.

2. The second part of your assignment is to discuss what do you think of this parenting style. Why do you think parents raise gender-neutral children? Be sure to use the terms Sex, Gender, Gender Dichotomy, and Gender Transgression in your response in MEANGFUL WAYS and highlight/bold/underline each term. Please be sure that if you copy and pasted from a Word document, that the highlighting/bold/underlines transferred over. You need to contextualize these terms so well that it is clear to me and your IA (Dr. Chapman) that you know exactly what they mean. If we cannot tell that you know what they mean, we cannot give you credit for them. To help with this, imagine that you are writing your post for someone who has never taken a gender class.

3. Please integrate some things you’ve learned thus far about the social construction of gender from assigned articles from week #2 into your response to help contextualize it. Do not just mention the article, but discuss relevant portions. Again, you should just mention an author’s name/title of the reading when you are discussing it. There’s no need for APA formatting or a reference page.

I never punish people for having a different opinion than I. You are free to express yourself without repercussions in this class as long as you do not violate University policy per racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. Dr. Chapman and I will grade strictly and based on how thoroughly you answer the question and the standards delineated in the grading rubric (under the Content tab). My hope is that everyone gets an A on this assignment, so please pay attention to the instructions as not following them tends to be the primary reason for not getting a great grade. 

You already know the weight put on these discussions per your syllabus, so please put your best effort into them as there are no rewrites. 

Feel free to discuss this assignment on Groupme with your classmates if you need assistance. I am never bothered by y’all helping each other. I’m happy to chime in as well. 

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