business survey essay 1

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5 pages Double space MLA

Create a survey, and write an essay

Please read the requirements carefully, and make sure you have follow it.

Read details in attachment

Please select a business idea that was highlighted in the book you read and that you care about, e.g., creating a culture of “truth” or “autonomy, mastery, and purpose.”

Write a survey to a business department or group of clients to assess their views on the business idea of your choice. (The department can be at a company where you would like to work or where you currently work.) Think about what you want and need to know, so you can act on your idea. Write at least six questions. Please use Word for this survey.

Using a free online survey tool, create your online survey that you developed last week. Please think about the most effective way to present your survey to increase impact. Include a brief survey description, an estimate of how long the survey will take, and the rationale for taking the survey.

Once done, please send your survey to the most appropriate audience. This could be our class, your business colleagues, or your clients. Please include me on your distribution list and ensure that your audience includes at least 10 people. Please plan to send your survey early in the week to ensure that your audience has time to take all surveys.

NYU’s Survey Service (Qualtrics) is one tool you can use. Please see NYU Home | Research | NYU Survey Service.

Please take all of the surveys that you receive, and begin to analyze your survey’s results.

Please continue to review the data from your survey. Focus on making connections, identifying key survey findings, and summarizing survey results.

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