c make a flowchart and convert existing code to a function format 2 assignments 5 short program in total to convert

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Assignment 1

As directed by instructor

And here it goes!

Submit a PDF with sudo code, a flow chart of and a program that has a menu option of which program you would like to run.

Each program must be converted to a function and functions must be in a .h file

1 – Opens Program 1 (studentLineup 5.14)
2 – Opens Program 2 (DistanceTraveled 5.6)
3 – Opens Program 3 (TheSpeedOfSound 4.21)
4 – Opens Program 4 (MathTutor 5.8)

* All projects listed are attached below as a txt file


Assignment 2

As directed by instructor

And here it goes!

Submit a PDF with a flow chart of and the answer to:

Write a program that guesses the number you are thinking.

Here’s how the game is played:

I’m thinking of a number from 1 to 100. You have 6 attempts to guess what number I picked. If the number you guess is lower I will tell you “Too Low”, if it’s higher I will tell you “Too High”, if it’s what I picked I will tell you “You are so smart”.

You must use functions + you may use the additional file as a reference.

Source.cpp Source.cpp / DiagramProject ( attached below)


Attached are the programs that each need [ A flowchart and to be converted into functions] for the first assignment.

[studentLineup 5.14, DistanceTraveled 5.6, TheSpeedOfSound4.21, MathTutor 5.8]

Also ( DiagramProject) is the reference program that is associated with the the second assignment

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