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You need to select topics related Big Data Analysis or Database such as Oracle Database Utilization, Big Data, Big Data Analysis write a report about Oracle database its associativity. Otherwise, you can mix the topics up.

Topic Examples

  • Big Data with Oracle Database
  • Big Data Analysis Methods
  • Cryptocurrency Prediction with Big Data Analysis


The contents needs to show how well your idea can be supported systematically.

Introduction: Main goal in the introduction is to get the reader to keep reading. In other words, you need to focus on attracting your audience with brief descriptions of the broader implications that you will discuss in your concluding paragraphs and how your article will be developed.

Main text: The main body of paper is built around sections representing the aspects of your topic that you find most interesting. Selecting these aspects is subjective, but you need to have enough citations to build each section. Why? Your writing is still subjective. Subjective writing cannot be neither supported or generalized. By referring previous citations, your writing can be objective and supported. Only the exception is statistically analysis conducted by your or your colleagues.

Conclusions: You have to provide a concise review of the MOST interesting and important points that mentioned in the main text. Thus, you address and lay out the handful of main points that you you’re your reader to accept. Pointing why your paper is important to remember these points helps your reader remember with implications.


  • Introduction
  • Literature Review on Cryptocurrency
    • Cryptocurrencies and comparisons
    • Current Market Volume
    • Platform for trading Cryptocurrencies
  • Financial Models
    • Descriptive Models
    • Predictive Modeling
    • Limitation
  • Proposal to predict price fluctuation of Cryptocurrencies
  • Conclusion


  • Double Space between lines.
  • Font size of body is 11 Font sizes of heads can vary from 11 to 16.
  • Default margin of document (1″)
  • Default spacing (Normal) and scale (100%) between characters
  • 1 Page cover and 10 Pages including figures, charts, and citations.
  • e.g., (Pickett and White 1985, Clobert et al. 2001, Ims and Hjermann 2001, Funk et al. 2005)


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