City Planning Paper

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YouTube: A brief history of U.S. city planning

This chapter looks at the process of urbanization in America from the colonial years to the industrial revolution.  For this assignment, you will study how technology (the “T” in POET), especially transportation, shaped early American cities.

Answer the following questions :

What relationship did English colonists and North American Indians have with their environment and with each other?

What was the role of technology in shaping American cities after the Civil War (1865) to 1920?

What was the role played by transportation technology in developing cities west of the Mississippi  River?

How did the electric streetcar change the spatial and social patterns of American cities? 

Incorporate the components of the ecological complex POET in your responses.

I need to see evidence that you watched the video in your assignment.

Please do not refer to outside sources. Use only the sources mentioned in the assignment.  

This assignment should be 2-3 pages. Please double space, use size 12 font, Times New Roman.

YouTube link:

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Ecology and Political Economy Perspectives.

Handouts: Models of the City 

With this assignment, I want you to get comfortable with the models of the city.  Read this section carefully in your textbook and look at the handout that correspond to this assignment.

For this assignment, answer the following:

Explain what is meant by urban ecology. You need to refer to the textbook and the PowerPoint.

Explain each of the different models of the city. You can refer to the textbook for this section. What are the limitations of each of these models?   Which model do you think is most applicable to Houston? Why?

Explain what is meant by invasion and succession . What are some examples of invasion and succession? These can be hypothetical examples.(This doesn’t mean invasion of one country by another as in times of war–it has a different definition in urban sociology).

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