COCC Characteristics of A Bureaucracy Questions

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Read through the following questions and answer one of them in your journal. Your answer should be complete, and must be written in standard, grammatically correct English.

1. List and discuss the five principal characteristics of a bureaucracy. How do bureaucracies create both positive and negative impacts on the members of society? List at least three bureaucracies of which you are a member and discuss how their characteristics are similar to or different from the list provided in the text.

2. What is “groupthink”? Why does the disaster of the space shuttle Columbia in 2003 serve as a good example of the possible results of groupthink? Please discuss any experience you have had with the process, regardless of effects? For example, have you belonged to a group in which members wanted to maintain solidarity so much that they resisted sharing divergent opinions? What happened? What can be done to prevent the process?

4. Leadership is critical for every group. Define leaders, and discuss the characteristics of both instrumental and expressive leaders. Why are they both necessary for an organization to thrive? What type of leader do you tend to be? Why? What effects does your style of leadership tend to have on groups? What are the three leadership styles discussed in the text? What are their characteristics? Which one do you believe is best? Why?

5. Define groups, aggregates, categories, primary groups, secondary groups, in-groups, out-groups, and reference groups. Provide at least two examples of each.

6. McDonaldization of society is a concept created by Ritzer in 1993, and has significant implications for the social world today. After reading the information in the journal entitled, McDonaldization, discuss its characteristics, and both the advantages/strengths and disadvantages/problems of this process. Overall, do you believe McDonaldization has improved society? Why or why not?

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