content marketing case study

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What is content marketing? You encounter it every day. Read the following two articles: What is the Difference Between Content and Content Marketing (Links to an external site.) and Top Content Marketing Statistics in 2018 (Links to an external site.).

Post three headlines including the links that they led to that you feel are great examples of content marketing. These headlines should be from emails you received, blog posts you stumbled upon, or content posted from a brand in your social media feed. For each example, first, share the headline or subject line that attracted your attention, take a screenshot of the context the content was found, and then share the content it led to (via a URL). Finally, explain why you felt they were effective and ‘clickable’.

You may insert your text, links, and images directly into assignment area or upload a PDF file.


Email from REI Subject Line

Email from REI open

URL where email leads to: (Links to an external site.)

Image of where the email leads me to on Cyber Monday Sale

Why this content marketing was effective: This content marketing email was effective as it pulled from my search history, reminded me of what I was searching for and interested in product-wise, and then led me to a current sale which encouraged me to follow through with a purchase.


Email Marketing from Fabletics: SUBJECT LINE: Sheryl, here’s 100 rewards points!

Email Marketing from Fabletics

Email Content from Fabletics

URL where email led to: (Links to an external site.)

WHY IT WAS EFFECTIVE: I felt this was an effective content marketing tactic and worth clicking because it was personalized to me and offered me reward points towards merchandise that I enjoy. Fabletics acknowledges that I am an active customer and keeps in touch with relevant email offers to draw to the shop that I like to shop at. This email was a reminder that my reward points were accumulating and that I should consider using them (they do expire).

Last!!!! the assignment Example shows in attachment files

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