create a research paper about an accounting software which is quot oneup quot https www oneup com accounting software and is a sb bookkeeping cloud

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Each student is being assigned one accounting software package to research. You can research it at the software’s website and by “google-ing” it on the internet” (you do not have to actually try out the software – and DO NOT give anyone your credit card number). You will need to do two things after doing your research: (1) write a short paper in Word and submit it to the instructor and (2) write on a discussion board a summary of your findings for the other students to read and/or respond to. The paper should be:

500 – 1,000 words
3 pages or more
Doubled Spaced
Size 12 type – Arial or Times New Roman
Normal 1″ margins
and should answer or include the following:

  1. a short background or history of the company and software (as much as you can find) – like when was it started, how many companies use it, has it changed names over time, what products are offered, etc.;
  2. Explain what the name is
  3. what type of business (retail, startups, manufacturing, large, small, etc.) this software is intended for (usually found on the website advertising or in articles about it) and what type of computer it can run on;
  4. the pricing and what the prices included – what does it cost to start using it and what does it cost per month, describe the pricing model. Research the cost of add-owns to get a good picture of its limitations. i.e.: Does it cost to print checks, does it include payroll, does linking to a bank account cost extra? If it is an ERP system, concentrate on the financial accounting module issues. If it is free, do you give up any security or have your information sold;
  5. does it appear to have limitations: like a limited number of users for financial or accounting software, size of company that could use it or type of businesses that could use it, or non-transferable data to another system, meaning if you want to move to another platform do you own your data, where are they located and can you find out if data is stored in US or overseas. Are they international or only US based. How secure is storing accounting data on the cloud (remember you will have confidential data);
  6. do you like it and whether you would use it if you had a small business.
  7. Include a summary of items 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the discussion board entry. Make sure you introduce the name of software in the title of your discussion forum. You can be brief in the discussion forum but tell your friends the kind of things you would want to know.
  8. Go to the discussion forum and respond to AT LEAST TWO OTHER STUDENTS postings with thoughts on their software or with questions after they have posted.
  9. Complete all of this by the deadline.

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