CSP 460 SDSU Sociology LGBTQ Community and their Mental Health Struggle Capstone

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You are asked to develop a final Capstone paper with the following components:

1. You will conduct a scholarly literature review of a
contemporary topic in counseling or related area that is of particular
interest to you. The objective of this type of paper is to explore a
question in-depth through research and scholarly work. This work will be
driven by a critical research question of the student’s own design; it
may be population-focused or issue specific. You are being asked to identify a social justice issue or a marginalized cultural group that you would like to learn more about and/or advocate for. Write an 8-11 page paper on your chosen topic.

***Very important Note: The topic I am interested in writing about is the LGBTQ community in the middle east and their struggle with mental health. As well as the struggles they go through with family/partner/community/culture due to their sexuality. How can we help them? We want to advocate that issue and educate the older generation about it. Also, focus on tying the topic to mental health counseling/ therapy techniques.

*The 8 pages do not include the cover page or reference page, and an abstract is not required.

At least 8-11 academic references are expected (besides the
course texts). APA format in your citations and reference list. Every
citation in your paper must have the source listed on your reference
page, and vice versa, all sources listed on the reference page must be
cited at least once within the text. The site (http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/1/) is really helpful in providing guidance in APA format.

Section 1 (1-2 pages): Introduction. Succinctly describe your
own positioning and your theoretical framework. Describe how your
background influences your interest and engagement in the topic. You
are encouraged to reflect upon and synthesize learnings from previous
CSC courses and then go deeper into one area of particular interest.

Section 2 (5-7 pages): State your research question and succinctly describe the literature review findings.

Section 3 (2-3 pages): Proposed Application (Future Plans and/or Recommendations). You
should also being to articulate and investigate a field or context of
interest related to future practice and imagine what you would like to
contribute. Research literature on the work being done in those
contexts; describe what kinds of interventions are they using, why are
those interventions being used and your own analysis and hopes. For
those students moving onto graduate school, this could lay the
groundwork for a future paper or research proposal.

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