CSUN Material and Non-Material Culture Social Psychology Discussion

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  1. Define material and non-material culture, using and citing the textbook as your source. Now, identify 5 objects that are part of your regular cultural experience. For each, identify what aspects of non-material culture (values, beliefs, norms, language, and/or practices) that these objects represent. What has this exercise revealed to you about your culture?
  2. How would the elimination of a social “norm” influence your culture? Describe the positive and negative effects.
  3. Consider specific issues or concerns of your generation. How have the issues of your generation expressed themselves culturally? How has your generation made its mark on society’s collective culture?
  1. For this Discussion Forum, I want us to begin considering our cultural experiences. The questions for this forum are based on content from Chapter 3 (Links to an external site.) from our Introduction to Sociology textbook (Links to an external site.).Your original post should answer each of the following questions, with at least 5 sentences per answer.

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