Denver University Sociology Discussion

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(Chapter 3 in P&M: Marriage and the family by Waite; and Chapter 4, Demography of Gender Riley. Bauer, G. R., Braimoh, J., Scheim, A. I., & Dharma, C. (2017). Transgender-inclusive measures of sex/gender for population surveys: Mixed-methods evaluation and recommendations. PLoS ONE, 12(5), e0178043.

1. List and describe the seven forms of data available for demographic research on marriage and family.

2. List and describe the four measures of marriage and divorce used in demographic research.

3. Summarize, using specifics from the Riley chapter how gender affects mortality, education, employment, and power.

4. There are ongoing changes in gender measures, in 2018 the General Social Survey will include, for the first time, a two-step method of assessing current gender identity and assigned sex at birth. Summarize the ongoing issues presented in the Bauer, et al. 2017 article.

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