developmental bio hw

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For any questions requiring an explanation, please use complete sentences, proper grammar and spelling, and organize your answers in a concise and logical manner. Points will be deducted for such errors. ALL parts of this post-lab assignment must be typed and in your OWN words!

1. Where do excitatory neurons and interneurons originate? How do these two classes of cells end up in the cortical plate? (2 points) (be specific, minimum of 15 sentences, paragraph form ).

2. Why is it critical that symmetric stem divisions predominate early on in neurogenesis (E11-E14 in the mouse)? Why is it critical that asymmetric divisions predominate later on in neurogenesis (after E14 in the mouse?) (2 points total) (please make sure to explain why in detail, minimum of 15 sentences, paragraph form).

3. The technique of in utero electroporation is heavily used within the field of developmental neurobiology. Scientists use this technique to overexpress or knockout genes and study developmental processes such as differentiation, proliferation, and migration (6 points total).

a. Find a primary literature article where the investigators used in utero electroporation to study a developmental process in the mouse (not limited to those listed above) and summarize how they used this technique. Please note that the paper you select must study a developmental process and should NOT just be a technique paper. If you choose a technique paper, you will not receive any credit. Your discussion should include which gene and process they were studying, which time points they were interested in, and what they found. Make sure your summary is in your OWN words and you must attach the abstract and citation information (1 point for attaching the abstract and citation information, 5 points for summary, summary must be at least one page).


For the last question, remember that you must consult a paper that either overexpresses or knocks down a particular gene to examine a specific developmental process. A technique paper would NOT count and you will NOT be awarded credit for that.

*******************Remember that the last question of the post-lab assignment should focus on a paper that uses in utero electroporation to either overexpress or knockdown a specific gene and then examine a specific developmental process.

I attached a the assignment. He contains information on the topic and on page you can see the homework questions also.

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