does social media effect relationships more positively or negatively?

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Rough Draft – Cultural Comparison Study

This is the basically the first half of your Cultural Comparison Study. You will write in APA style, using formal, objective language. Include a title page, a running header with your title, and page numbers. Your rough draft should be in 12pt font, double-spaced, with section headings to indicate the Introduction, Literature Review, etc. Use paragraph and page breaks to break up sections. Grammar and clarity count, so make sure to proofread and check for errors. (Approximately 1000-1300 words total)


-Define your topic

-Provide general information or statistics on this topic. This is the place to quote popular sources, news articles, etc. Why is it culturally relevant or interesting?

-Identify and define all cultural variables you plan to observe.

-Clearly state a hypothesis for each variable. You can provide reasoning behind your prediction, but be cautious about your language. Identify what sort of correlation you expect to find between variables in a nonbiased, objective manner.

Literature Review

-Summarize at least 3 scholarly studies related to your topic. Summaries should include the authors and location of the study, the type of study, number of participants, and significant findings. (150-250 words per study).

-These must be from scholarly sources, rather than popular ones. The articles you choose to include should provide support for your hypothesis.


-Describe how you will carry out your study, with as much detail as possible.

(Who, what, when, where, how)

-Include a complete copy of survey questions and answer choices, and a link to your e-survey if applicable.

-Explain how you will collect data, how you will sort the data, and compare results. Be as specific.


Include full APA style-citations for any articles, definitions, and sources you used in your paper. Remember. you may include popular sources in your introduction, but you must also include at least three academic studies in your Literature Review.

Link for example essay: click the little picture of the paper and magnifying glass as a link. bottom, middle of page…

also use file down below when needed. has the survey questions.

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