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TOPIC 4.4–The Sixth Extinction, Chapters 6,7,8,9

11 unread replies.
11 replies.

Choose ONE of the following prompts to respond to:

1. Describe what Kolbert finds out on her trip to One Tree
Island in chapter 7. Discuss the significance of ocean acidification for
the Great Barrier Reef and the larger implications for the environment.

2. Discuss the significance of the Species-Area Relationship
(SAR) as demonstrated by Silman’s plots in Chapter 8 and the Biological
Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP) in Chapter 9.

Post should be around 300 words but not more than 500 words.

To post, reply to this topic. Post by 11:30pm Saturday 6/9.

Reply to someone’s post by 11:30pm Sunday 6/10.
You can concur with your peer’s observations and add your own
perspective and/or you can respectfully disagree and explain why.

Note that you will not be able to see anyone’s post until you
post your observation first. Both post and response with be graded on a
scale of 50, with the total for the assignment of 100 points.

Please do not upload files/attachments for your post and response to post.

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