FSW 481 MU Mod 2 Piaget Cognitive Stages to The Physical Changes in The Brain Essay

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Hi Students,

Below are your Module 2 Part 3 discussion questions. Please remember to respond to the correct question. Also, please refer to my comments from last week for ways you can improve.

If the first letter of your last name begins with:

A-I — Always answer question 1.

J-R — Always answer question 2.

S-Z– Always answer question 3.

1. Describe two positive aspects and two negative aspects of peers in adolescent development. In your answer, reflect on your own personal experiences (or someone you know) with peer relations.

2. Describe how parents and peers are connected. What are some ways that your parents were connected with your own peer group(s)? Provide at least 3 examples.

3. Using the textbook as a reference, describe the different functions of adolescent friendship. Reflect on your own personal friendships during adolescence and discuss how your friendships reflected two or more of these functions.

  • Bonus Question (If you don’t want to answer your question above, you can answer the one below)

Discuss the differences that exist between friendships in childhood and friendships in adolescence, as discussed in the textbook. Provide at least 2 differences, and you may support it using your own personal examples or someone you know.

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