Grievances and Policies Advocacy Discussions

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TWO short Sociology related essays. First of which is due July 31 by 10 pm EST The first prompt is provided below in the description, the second is due August 6th 10 pm EST and has been provided in the files. All directions are within the prompts themselves.

In more than 580 cities and towns across the United States, hundreds of thousands of Americans have gathered together to protest the police killing of an African American man named George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Protestors’ calls for justice, police accountability, and for an end to the systemic racism deeply embedded in the laws, practices, and institutions of the United States mark some of the most widespread protests the country has seen in half a century. Racial injustice is not a new phenomenon and neither is black activism. In fact, the black activism taking place across the country today has deep roots in the history of the United States.

Assess the role of the Black Lives Matter movement today. What impact do you believe that Black Lives Matter has had on American society? Do you think that street protests have been or will be effective? Why or why not? What makes protest effective? Black Lives Matter and other activists have brought attention to police brutality against people of color. What changes do Black Lives Matter activists propose? How reasonable do you think their proposals are? Do you think these proposals have any likelihood of being enacted? Why or why not?

(Note: For this assignment, find two articles on Black Lives Matters that have helped you to formulate your answers and opinions. Make sure you either attach the articles or provide their web addresses.)

Assignment should be between 500 and 650 words unless otherwise indicated. Make sure you provide full references in your paper.

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