Grossmont College Sociology US Education and Meritocratic Society Discussions

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TWO quick discussion prompts

notes and lectures will be provided to help answer the prompts

answer does not have to be very long as long as it is direct and answers the prompts


Prompt one : “First, what did you learn from the material presented in this module. Make sure you provide at least one clear example. You can draw from the textbook, film or any of the additional readings. Why did this example catch you attention?

Second, what have been your experiences within the educational system? Make a connection with the course material (readings, lecture, and/or film). “


Prompt two: 1. After reviewing the course materials, what is one reason Matthew Desmond argues for the income inequality in the U.S.?

2. Based on the materials presented in this module, do you believe the U.S. is a meritocratic society? Why or why not? You must provide at least one source to support your position.

NOTE: Make sure you cite your source(s). You must include in-text citations (Links to an external site.) and reference page. (Links to an external site.)


Chapter Book link…

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