history homework questions from textbook

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1.What was the origin of Renaissance learning? How did Renaissance thinkers approach the classical period?

2. How was humanism a reaction to the 14th century? How was humanism religious in nature?

3. What did the approach of representational art change?

4. What happened to Latin?

5. How did the concept of “the state” change? What did statecraft entail?

6. Why did the Renaissance begin in northern Italy?

7. How did the Renaissance serve as a “culture of consumption”?

8. How does Machiavelli typify the Renaissance?

9. Why is the person of the courtier important?


On the Liberal Arts—how does the author justify the curriculum he proposes?

The Book of the Courtier—what talents are needed for the success of the courtier?

The Myth of the Renaissance—what is Burke’s argument here?Is he saying there is no such thing as the Renaissance?

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