HSM 101 Ashford University W4 Al Shabaab Terror Group Analysis

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review Goal 1 as found in the DHS Strategic Plan: FY2020-2024. Then review Chapter 2 (from your Week 1 assigned reading) and read Chapter 10 of your primary text. You must select an international terrorist organization and conduct research in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library on the organization. It is recommended that you read the Foreign Terrorist Organizations (Links to an external site.), State Sponsors of Terrorism (Links to an external site.), and Terrorism Designations Press Releases (Links to an external site.) web pages to identify international terrorist organizations. It is also recommended that you view the TEDTalks: Maajid Nawaz—A Global Culture to Fight Extremism (Links to an external site.) and TEDTalks: Loretta Napoleoni—The Intricate Economics of Terrorism (Links to an external site.) videos. These recommended web pages and videos may assist in your understanding of international terrorism.

For this discussion, you will identify one international terrorist organization and demonstrate your understanding of the organization.

This discussion post must contain the following elements:

A chart that includes the terrorist organization name, organization’s location, primary means of attack.

A written analysis based on your chart of the group’s effectiveness in meeting their objectives and likelihood of carrying out an attack against

Build a Chart

Using the provided Week 4 Discussion Directions and Chart Template Download Week 4 Discussion Directions and Chart Template, build a simple chart for a known international terrorist group that is active today. The group you decide to research does not have to have characteristics of each of the Chemical, radiological, biological, nuclear, or explosive (CRBNE) elements. Make the Chart fit to your needs for this evaluation.

Across the top, list

Specific tactics of your chosen international terrorist organization.

Specific techniques of your chosen international terrorist organization.

Specific capabilities of your chosen international terrorist organization.

(Examples include small arms attack, improvised explosives, hostage taking, all the way to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high explosives. You may add or subtract other types of attacks if you want to address another capability of the group selected.)

Down the left side, list

Availability of components.

Training required.

Portability of the device / employability.

Expertise to develop.

  • Psychological impact.
  • (You may incorporate additional categories.)

Once you build your chart, populate the chart’s blank cells with historical events that have occurred over the last five to 10 years. Leave the cell blank if there is no evidence. Use credible sources for this assignment. Newspaper articles are a good source of information of historical events that have occurred. You can do a Google search as well.

Then, assign red, yellow, orange, and green to each box. Use green for event or target not likely, yellow for unknown, orange for knowledge but missing something, and red for highly likely. Do not use any classified or “for official use only” (FOUO) sources. The document must be uploaded with your initial post. Your goal in creating the document is to demonstrate your understanding of the international terrorist organization succinctly. In addition, you may wish to access the provided Microsoft Word Tables Quick Start Guide Download Microsoft Word Tables Quick Start Guideon how to add colors to a table cell.

Once completed, attach the chart document to your initial forum post and submit it to the forum.


Based on your chart, which type of attack would be the most likely to be carried out by terrorists today in America? Which the least likely?

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