HTH301 BSC Health Services Management Discussion

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Part A (150 words)

  • Describe the ethical, legal, or regulatory aspect selected.
  • Identify and describe one challenge or concern related to the aspect selected.
  • How might you as a health manager use communication skills to be more efficient and effective? Explain how these communication skills might assist the health manager in improving their leadership abilities and how this would be beneficial to the healthcare organization.
  • PART B
  • Write
    a 250-word report to the physician, nurse clinical leader, and hospital
    executive team that describes the role of communication in addressing the
    issues described. Use at least one scholarly reference in your report to
    support your assertions.
    Points to include as you write your report:
  • Communication methods used with
    physician, nurse, and hospital executives
  • Listening skills used
    Hint – think about “Soft Skills” which
    are a combination of people skills, social skills, personality traits,
    attitudes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence that help individuals
    to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve
    their goals
  • Managing patient complaints, concerns,
    and patient satisfaction
    Hint – Health care organizations have
    processes for addressing patient complaints and grievances to follow federal
    regulations and accreditation standards, as well as to protect patients and
    reduce liability. Current trends in health care such as patient-centered care
    and patient satisfaction data make seeking and responding to patient feedback
    increasingly important components of risk management and patient safety
    programs. For example, patient complaints are associated with both clinical
    complications and increased risk of malpractice litigation.

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