HTHS 400 Bryant and Stratton College Health Facility Case Study

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Part A 150

words There are many departments within a health facility that should be addressed in the disaster response plan. In the lecture, there were four different categories addressed: information, therapeutic, diagnostic, and support/ancillary services. Each of these categories contains many different smaller departments that may encounter its’ own obstacles while responding to a Mass Casualty Incident. Using one of the departments in a health facility of your choice as your focus, address the following prompts: Include at least two scholarly resources to support your positions.

  • Identify your chosen department and explain three obstacles that your chosen department may encounter while responding to a disaster. Critique the impact that the obstacle could have on staff and patients.
  • Establish the methods you could use to overcome these obstacles that will be included in the documented plan for a hospital. Justify your planning methods.


Read through the case study below that details failures from a past disaster response.After reading through the scenario, complete a 750-word essay following APA guidelines and the use of at least 3 scholarly resources that addresses the following:

  • Perform research to identify a different disaster that has occurred and summarize the details of the disaster. Explain any challenges that were encountered during the response to your selected disaster that could be seen as a failure.
  • Generate solutions with rationalizations that could have helped in your selected disaster response to overcome these failures.

Case Study:

Orlando Nightclub Shooting—Pulse

In order to respond effectively to the onset of a disaster, many different organizations and persons need to work in unison to effectively manage the needs of the community impacted. This response is possible when communication is clear and proper planning and protocols are put in place. However, even under the best of circumstances there are times when the unexpected happens and although the overall outcome is seen as a success there are aspects of the response that could have caused much more destruction. These are challenges that any governing body or health facility may face when trying to plan for all possible aspects of a disaster. There are a variety of challenges that may arise during a disaster response including miscommunications, unpreparedness and then simply the unexpected nature of the disaster itself.


In this portion of the project, you will be responsible for formatting the first part of your Emergency Management Plan. The three sections for this portion of the plan include: Purpose, General Considerations and Department Responsibilities. Be sure to include at least 2-3 of your scholarly resources in this section of the plan.

  • Use the template provided below to ensure that all required components of this portion of the plan are addressed. (See template: “Emergency Management Plan Template Week 5 Part 1”)

PART D 150

wordsNurses, when responding to a disaster may find they are presented with different ethical dilemmas when caring for the victims that contradicts their own safety and the safety of their loved ones. As a professional in the industry working during a disaster, you may encounter situations that present you with an ethical dilemma between your needs and the needs of your client/patient. In 150 words of your own, answer the following reflection prompt:

  • Evaluate some methods for how you could prepare yourself as a professional to best manage ethical dilemmas that present during a disaster response.

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