HUSS 360 Bryant and Stratton College Ethics Intake and Culture Worksheet

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PART A 150 word

As you write your initial post, imagine you are a professional about to walk into an intake meeting with a new client. In your initial post, please address the following prompts:

  • Explain how you would want your new client to feel during your conversation and what you would want their experience with you to be like.
  • Give examples of some specific techniques and communication strategies you might use to help your client have the experience you want.
  • Summarize Dr. Ford’s strength-based approach and defend, with supporting reasoning, whether you agree or disagree with her methods. Indicate whether you would use any parts of Dr. Ford’s approach in your intake assessment.

PART B (250)

This week you will begin to consider your upcoming work with your client. In so doing, write a narrative at least 250 words in length in which you address the following:

  • Identify who will be assisting you with your project and acting/portraying your client.
  • Explain the concerns that led your client to seek treatment. Indicate the symptoms and/or difficulties the client is experiencing.
    • A list of potential disorders and concerns is provided above, in the scenario section. However, you can choose any disorder or concern you believe might lead an individual to seek help from a behavioral or mental health clinic. Once you have selected a topic, use your narrative to detail the symptoms or difficulties you think an individual with this disorder/concern might present for treatment with.
  • Given the concerns your client is presenting for treatment with, outline the interview questions and intake assessment instruments you will use in your first meeting with the client.
    • You want to select questions and assessment instruments that will help to solidify your diagnosis and enable you to begin a treatment plan for the individual.

For this portion of your paper, make sure to include APA style citations and a reference list with at least one scholarly resource. Resources for this section will likely be related to the interview questions and assessment


As you are writing your reflection, it might help to imagine you are working with a client who is from a different racial, ethnic, or cultural background than you. In your reflection, please address the following:

  • Outline the steps you will take to ensure you are serving your client in a culturally competent manner.
  • List some questions you might ask your client to better your understanding of their culture and to make sure you are not operating based on assumptions or stereotypes.
  • Explain how you will get to know your client as an individual, in addition to gaining an understanding of their culture.
  • Summarize your opinion on what you believe a professional should do when they notice themselves making assumptions about a client whose culture is different from their own.

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