HUSS 440 Bryant and Stratton Wk 5 Assessing and Adjusting Client Goals Discussion

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PART A (150 words)

  • Identify the key traits of a successful advocate in the field
  • Explain the reasons behind why advocates must have knowledge of current policies and theories in order to support the needs of the client.


This week you will work on a creating a treatment plan for the client whose intake interview videos you watched in Week 3.Your treatment plan should flow from the diagnosis and goals you identified in Week 3.You will now be crafting a specific plan for helping the client to reach those goals.

In a write-up that is a minimum of 750 words in length, address the following prompts:

  • Thoroughly explain the type(s) of therapy and services you would recommend for this client.In so doing detail:
    • How often the therapist, social worker, etc. involved in the client’s care should see her, follow-up with her, and so on.
    • The nature of the collaboration that should occur between the client’s therapist, psychiatrist, general physician, and other professionals.
    • Why you selected the treatment methodologies you did
    • Assessment methods to be utilized to ensure progress is being made towards the treatment goals
    • Research-based support for your treatment recommendations from at least two outside scholarly sources, like those found through the Bryant & Stratton College Virtual Library
  • Locate a resource within your community that you think would benefit this client and help her to reach her goals.Explain why you selected this resource and analyze how a referral to this resource would help the client.

PART C 150 words In your own words,

  • Explain the importance of assessing and adjusting the goals of the client.
  • Identify how an understanding of assessing and adjusting a client’s goals would be beneficial to you in the workplace.

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