i have a 6 page double spaced essay due at 2 30 est about sport policies

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SMGT 4338

Policy Proposal

This class is named “Sport Policy Development.” This assignment will ask you to take what you’ve learned throughout the entire semester to develop a sport policy. You will need to research an issue facing a sport organization you would like to address, develop a policy that addresses that issue, and write a proposal that includes strategies to implement that policy and identifies potential challenges to implementing the policy.

This assignment will help you develop your understanding of the policy development process, as well as your research and written communication skills.

Your Task:

Write a 6-8 page policy proposal that demonstrates an understanding of material for this unit. Papers should be organized using the following sections:

  • Background/Reasons for the Proposed Policy. This section should include a brief introduction to the issue, an explanation of the relevant institutional context factors, and a discussion of the affected stakeholders and their influence.
    • Relevant class topics: how does context affect policies? How do stakeholders influence policy? How do competing and conflicting interests affect governance and policy development?
  • Overview of the Proposed Policy. This section should summarize the proposed policy, how this policy will change the issue/outcomes associated with the issue and outline the procedures to be used to implement it. (It might be helpful and relevant to provide examples of other organizations, sport or otherwise, who have implemented this policy or a similar policy. This is not required, just a suggestion.) This section should be the most substantial portion of the proposal.
    • Relevant class topics: How do governance and policies affect stakeholders? What can you do to change policy outcomes? Why do policies change?
  • Major Obstacles/Implementation Challenges. This section should address the major challenges that an organization may face in implementing the policy and recommendations for reducing or eliminating these challenges.
    • Relevant class topics: Why don’t policies change? How does policy change happen?

References. This section will not count toward your page-limit. References should be in APA format. Please be sure to also use APA formatting for in-text citations. You should cite any notes from class that you use (and you should use notes from class). If you need assistance with APA format, this is a good resource:

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