Impact of Correctional Theories and Punishment

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You will gain an understanding of the evolution of
correctional philosophies and the correctional system in the United
States. The corrections process is a result of society responding to
deviance. Responding to deviance has evolved in many ways around the
globe. The United States has its own evolution of corrections. This LASA
will explore the origin and evolution of prisons from the design of
Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon (all-seeing) Prison to today’s modern prison
systems and the prison privatization industry.

Any inquiry into the origin of prisons requires students
to include an overview of the correctional eras in the United States,
beginning with the origin of the Walnut Street Jail in Philadelphia in
1790 and through the crime control era of today. It is necessary that
you examine the organization of corrections and include the changes in
the external society that led to the policy changes in corrections and
correctional philosophy. You will assess the purpose, implementation,
and effectiveness of corrections, including the major reasons for the
movement toward prisonization starting in the 1960s and the evolution to
today’s current corrections practices.


You recently completed a summer work-study program at
the Centervale Corrections facility. This experience has confirmed your
interest in pursuing corrections as a career, and you have started
taking classes in corrections at Centervale University. As part of your
introductory course you are to evaluate, compare, and contrast the
historical origins of the correctional enterprise in the United States
and the impact of correctional theories and punishment around the globe
in a 1500-word, APA style paper (5–7 pages of content, not including the
title page, abstract, references, and table of cases), using a minimum
of 10 references and three United States Supreme Court cases dealing
with prison conditions, prisoner rights, and access to medical

Chapter five, “Prison Systems,” of your textbook will
give you some rudimentary information on the current types of prisons;
you will supplement this with empirical research in order to fully
explore modern prison systems and respond to the following:

  • Examine the correctional eras in the United States starting with the
    first era in the 1790s and covering the various eras to include the
    major reasons for the movement toward prisonization in the 1960s to
    present practices.
  • Examine the historical evolution of the
    Panopticon (all-seeing prison style) developed by Jeremy Bentham and the
    impact of this style on modern system architecture and the use of
    closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.
  • Analyze the political changes in society
    and the impact of correctional rationales on correctional practice;
    include how special interest groups and the current intolerance for
    criminals have forged correctional philosophies.
  • Compare and contrast the impact of
    correctional theories and punishment on the effectiveness or
    ineffectiveness of the correctional enterprise system.
  • Examine the use and the constitutionality
    of the prison privatization industry; include analysis of stockholders’
    influence on rehabilitation and what classification of prisoners should
    be incarcerated in private prisons compared to state prisons (i.e.,
    minimum, medium, maximum, and super-max). Articulate your opinion based
    on empirical research and citation of court cases and reference
    materials from academic and scientific journal articles.
  • Consider the future of corrections.
    Compare and contrast the formal and informal social control around the
    globe and the impact the social control has on the future of corrections
    policies. Reference a modern prison system, either in your state or in
    another state, from your research.

Include an APA-formatted reference page that links back
to your in-text citations and supports your recommendations. Remember,
you cannot have only in-text citations or only references. You must have
both because in-text citations and references link to each other.

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