international marketing 59

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Answer these 4 questions

  1. To what extent do you believe Self-Reference Criterion and Ethnocentricism played a role in Nestle leadership’s decisions in the African market. Additionally, what other case is the best example of either of these concepts? Support your opinion.


Self-Reference Criterion (SRC) is an unconscious reference to one’s

own cultural values, experiences, and knowledge as a basis for decisions.

-Ethnocentrism is the notion that people in one’s own company, culture, or

country know best how to do things.

  1. Do you agree with the findings of the article “Foreign Market Entry Timing Revisited?” Why or why not? Assuming that you believe the findings are credible, what advice would you give Pepsi about reentering the Indian market from the case “Pepsi: The Indian Challenge?” Is there another case we’ve covered where this article would apply as well?
  1. How can you apply the “Marketing Malpractice” article to the MTC case? Would it change your recommendations to MTC regarding the 3 main issues? Why or why not?
  1. In what ways might the “Global Manager” article be applied to the $100 Laptop case?

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