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Generating Requirements

In order for a software architect to design and a programmer to code, good requirements are necessary. Usually these are done for pieces of software that are not completed yet, so we do not know if the requirements are correct for many months.

In this assignment, I want you to pick an app, or piece of software, that you like and generate some requirements for it (not the example we did in class). These requirements should be clear, complete, and unambiguous.

Part A: In plain natural language, list and describe at least 20 functional requirements. These should not describe what the app looks like but what the app does.

Part B: List and describe 5 non-functional requirements. These should be constraints on the system.

Part C: Describe some of the challenges you faced when coming up with requirements (>500 words). For example: Would you be able to design the system based off of these requirements? Could the system behave completely differently for any of the requirements you listed? Was there any requirement that you could not come up with due to ambiguity of the description?

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