MUST HAVE BOOK “Island of Shattered Dreams” by Chantal Spitz

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Write a 3 page SINGLE SPACED essay in MLA format. Essay should end at the very bottom of page 3. Single spaced. NO PLAGIARISM. The essay should be proofread, spell-checked, page numbered, and in size 12 Times New Roman font.

The Tutor MUST have access to the short story/book “Island of Shattered Dreams,” by Chantal Spitz, as this (and the very short “Post-Colonial Allegory” passage that I have attached) will be your ONLY texts available for use in the essay. Please be sure to use quotes from BOTH “Island of Shattered Dreams,” AND from the short passage of Post-Colonial Allegory I have attached for you.

You should make your argument to an audience that has not read the texts (this means introducing the characters and summarizing the plot); be sure to locate your text in place (national and regional origin) and history (brief remark about colonial context); use ample textual evidence in EVERY paragraph. Your textual evidence should not overwhelm your paragraph, just support your arguments. Finally, comment on form (aka grenre –“eco-fable” allegory, magical realism, intertextuality, etc.)


The authors of Post Colonial Studies: Key Concepts argue that “a ‘post-colonial’ allegory contests and disrupts the narrative assumptions of colonialism, such as the inevitability of ‘development’, of ‘progress’, of ‘civilization’, the dominance of the chronological view of history, the Euro-centric view of ‘the real’. By reinforcing the fact that ‘real’ events occupy various horizons of meaning, post-colonial allegory becomes a common strategy of resistance in post-colonial texts.” (8). Explore how the role of post-colonial allegory is employed in the work of Chantal Spitz’s “Island of Shattered Dreams,” with attention to narratives of temporality.

Please let me know if you have ANY questions! Thank you.

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