Need Completed ASAP Annotated Reference List READ DIRECTIONS

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I had passed this on to another individual that is not able to complete the work i need this to be done within the next 1.5 hrs 


> (Assignment 4) (10/12)_x000D_
> Assignments Four and Five are inter-related: Assignment Four is, in_x000D_
> essence, laying the ground work for Assignment Five.  As a consequence,_x000D_
> both assignments involve:_x000D_
>     - A topic in management_x000D_
>     - A case study of an actual organization in which that topic is at_x000D_
>       issue._x000D_
> For example, the *topic* of succession planning or the *topic* of_x000D_
> executive retention are both topics that could be found as an issue in th=_x000D_
> American Red Cross, on which much has been published in scholarly_x000D_
> publications._x000D_
> *Both* of these =E2=80=93 the topic and the case =E2=80=93 must appear in=_x000D_
 both Assignment_x000D_
> Four and Assignment Five or else you will not receive full credit on thos=_x000D_
> assignments._x000D_
> For Assignment Four:_x000D_
>    1. Pick a *management topic *that is of interest to you._x000D_
>    1. Find a *case study *in the UMUC virtual library that involves that_x000D_
>       management issue. A published case study is any article that discus=_x000D_
ses in_x000D_
>       sufficient detail the issue facing an actual organization and how t=_x000D_
>       organization addressed that issue.  Some of the databases in the vi=_x000D_
>       library allow you to search using =E2=80=9Ccase study=E2=80=9D as a=_x000D_
 criteria.  However,_x000D_
>       just because the term case study exists in the title of the article=_x000D_
 may not_x000D_
>       mean that the article actually gives you enough information to work=_x000D_
>       you have to make that judgment.  Two of the best sources of article=_x000D_
s =E2=80=93_x000D_
>       ABI/Inform Global and Business Source Complete =E2=80=93 don=E2=80=_x000D_
=99t allow for searches_x000D_
>       using case study as a criteria, so you may have to do some digging._x000D_
>       Generally speaking, a published case study should be between 10 and=_x000D_
>       pages in length to give you enough information to work with._x000D_
>    1. Find and read at least* five *articles in *scholarly journals* in_x000D_
>       the UMUC library databases that discuss that management issue. Deve=_x000D_
lop an_x000D_
>       annotated reference list (see Additional Information in the Syllabu=_x000D_
s for_x000D_
>       discussions about both annotated reference lists and case studies),_x000D_
>       including the UMUC the library database where the article can be fo=_x000D_
und and_x000D_
>       the date your retrieved it.  For any other sources on the Internet,=_x000D_
>       the site where you found it and the date your retrieved it.  You do=_x000D_
>       need to include the actual URL. Your information on the management =_x000D_
>       also has to come from articles in scholarly journals found in the v=_x000D_
>       library,* not *from the Internet, Wikipedia, newspapers, popular_x000D_
>       magazines (e.g. *Time*, *Newsweek*, *Business Week*), etc._x000D_
>       Academic journals are those usually published by universities or by_x000D_
>       professional societies (e.g. The Journal of the AMA).  Just having =_x000D_
the word_x000D_
>       =E2=80=9Cjournal=E2=80=9D in the title of the publication doesn=E2=_x000D_
=80=99t actually make it a_x000D_
>       journal; after all, *The Wall Street Journal* is still just a daily_x000D_
>       newspaper._x000D_
> On the other hand, additional information about the organization you=E2=_x000D_
> studying can come from non-academic sources.  While there are many_x000D_
> organizations that have been the subject of published case studies and ev=_x000D_
> some (such as, again, the American Red Cross) that are more frequent_x000D_
> subjects of case studies, you may need to go outside the journals in the_x000D_
> UMUC library for additional information specific to that topic as it_x000D_
> relates to that organization.  That is acceptable provided the *primary*_x000D_
> source of your information about the case is the study in a scholarly_x000D_
> journal in the UMUC library. For additional information on how the_x000D_
> organization is addressing the management issue, you can use non-library_x000D_
> resources (e.g., the organization=E2=80=99s web site, articles in newspap=_x000D_
ers and_x000D_
> general interest magazines, etc.).  *Note*: do not rely on Wikipedia and_x000D_
> other encyclopedia-type sources.  These are considered =E2=80=9Copen sour=_x000D_
ces=E2=80=9D and_x000D_
> are not subjected to the same form of editorial scrutiny as are newspaper=_x000D_
> and magazines.  In a similar vein, be appropriately skeptical of what_x000D_
> organizations post to their web sites; they can sometimes be nothing more_x000D_
> than puffery.  A statement such as =E2=80=9Cwe have increased sales by 4.=_x000D_
> annually for each of the past five years=E2=80=9D is one thing, especiall=_x000D_
y if it is_x000D_
> backed up by statistics; a statement of =E2=80=9Cwe are the leading provi=_x000D_
der of_x000D_
> quality widgets=E2=80=9D is another matter, especially if there are no st=_x000D_
> provided to support that._x000D_

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