Nottingham Gender and Societal Changes Strength the Structure of Family Worksheet

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finish this table  

Which topic have you chosen? Gender and societal changes weaken the structure of family

Do you AGREE/ DISAGREE? DISAGREE (1st Negative speaker)



????????? reference need 


family is feeling and connection that gathered them

I am not saying there all the children in families are from the same roots are not having this connection bettwen them, but there are many examples that govern them, so as the child is raised in any type of family, whether it is singal parent or same sex parent

?????????? reference need 

Point in your own words

Evidence with a citation

Your own explanation: how does the evidence support your point?

Argument 1:

The way a child is raised is the most important

 For example, homosexuals or any kind of family kind raising children

Anticipated counterargument: (suggested to the argument 1)


Argument 2:

2. The social environment (it is what strengthens the family relationship and interdependence more than its kind or changes it

For example, the principles or judgments on which children are brought up are better than the rules

Routine is what changes the way of life, but it is not the structure for families

Anticipated counterargument: (suggested to the argument 2 )


Some Point of Information that’s might be:

1.Can you restate the main point of your argument?

2.What was the refutation that you made against my argument?


add more this is just a suggestions

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