PHIL 310 Bryant and Stratton College Week 5 Logic and Reasoning Tasks

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Part A  

  • Give an example of task that you might be given at work or at home that, using the skills from the lecture given this week, could be interpreted in more than one way.
  • State at least two alternate meanings of the request.
  • Translate each of the competing requests using standard symbolic form, keeping in mind that you must use a Well-Formed Formula, making sure that each simple statement is defined as a unique single letter and that parentheses are properly placed
  • Part B  HTHS301 quality healthcare and patient services satisfaction week 5
  • We have considered managements’ responsibilities in the healthcare system that pertain to patient safety, patient satisfaction and quality of care. We examined the healthcare manager’s role in the use of quality assurance data and tools such as key performance indicators. For this discussion, let us focus on how the use of data tools might improve quality and improve patient safety and satisfaction. Choose one of the following six aims of healthcare mentioned by the WHO and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in this week’s lecture:
  • safe
  • effective
  • patient-centered
  • timely
  • efficient
  • equitable
  • In your initial post, address the following prompts in your own words:
  • Define your chosen aim.
  • Determine the healthcare issue your aim most closely relates to: patient safety, quality improvement, or patient satisfaction. Then articulate how that particular healthcare issue relates to your chosen aim.
  • Evaluate what data tools or metrics might aid you in improving your healthcare aim
  • PART C
  • Write a 250-word report to the physician, nurse clinical leader, and hospital executive team that describes patient safety and quality care aspects that are affected by the identified issues.  Use at least one scholarly reference to support your report.  Points to include as you write your report: 
  • Were clinical practice guidelines (evidence-based medicine) observed by the physician  · 
  • How might patient satisfaction be affected  ·
  • Technology and resources, you used to evaluate the information needed to address the problem
  • PARD D
  • Thinking back on this week’s lecture, consider the importance of quality care and patient safety in the healthcare system. discuss how you might assure that quality standards and patient safety would be met in your current or future workplace setting.

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