please respond to my classmate 200 words ( its not an essay) follow the guide in RED

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Guided Response: Respond to two classmates. After reviewing their controlled environment lessons, modify and adapt each lesson to fit into an autonomy supportive environment.  Include the same criteria, except transform each aspect to fit an autonomy supportive classroom.


Name of task

Jumping Rope

Type of authority in decision making

Get 4 cones (for boundaries), 1 14′ long rope per 3 students, Music and player.

Create large (30X30 paces) activity area.

 Scatter ropes within area, keeping them parallel.

Create groups of 3; send groups to stand by a rope.

-Today we are going to practice long-rope turning and jumping skills.

 -Show you can be a good group-mate by sharing, taking turns, and doing your best.

Recognition of achievement

Everybody dance around and clap as everyone achieves the goal of jumping rope.

Grouping of children

Children are grouped in groups of three


Groups are allowed to jump with whomever whenever the task is finished.

Time constraints

Thirty-five minute class and as soon as all three students jump and finish then the group may break up and go jump and play with whomever they like.



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