Project 2 argument plan

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Project 2 Argument Plan (30 points)

Part 1:Proposal Argument (25 points)

Using the “Learning the Qualities of Effective Proposals” discussed in Chapter 12, plan out your argument by providing detailed information for the following criteria:

  • Problem:Describe the problem and explain why it is a serious problem that needs solving.Make sure to narrow down the problem, relating it to your local community rather than tackling it at the national scale.
  • Audience:Describe your intended audience and why it is the right person to address.As proposals aim to bring about change, your audience should be a decision-maker in your local community or current/future career, who has the finances or authority to implement your solution and make that change happen.
  • Alternative Solutions:Discuss 2-3 alternative solutions that have been previously used or suggested by others.Explain (with evidence) their drawbacks.
  • The Best Solution (acceptable by your intended audience):Describe your solution, explain why it is logical and feasible, and give details as to how it will be executed.
  • Reasons and Evidence (targeted at your audience’s values, beliefs, needs, and expectations):What reasons would your audience be more likely to accept?Provide 2-3 convincing reasons why your audience should accept your proposal and act on it.Additionally, explain what evidence might you use to support each reason.
  • Counter-Arguments:Summarize the most important/common 2-3 concerns or objections that your audience may bring up to challenge the importance of the problem, effectiveness and execution of your solution, and/or your supporting reasons and evidence.What is your response to each counter-argument?Include your rebuttal (with evidence) against each one.
  • Call to Action:Explain what rhetorical strategies you will use to offer a convincing call (that the specific decision-maker could act on) to implement the solution you proposed.

Remember, your justifying reasons, supporting evidence, rebuttal, tone/style, and the form of your proposal should be tailored for this specific audience.

Part 2:Genre (5 points)

For this project, rather than an academic essay, you can pick another genre that might be more suitable for your rhetorical purpose and the specific audience you are targeting.Consider what will be the most effective way to present your proposal to this audience.For instance, you can write it in the form of a letter, newspaper article/editorial, magazine article, detailed memo, etc. Think about your audience and their expectations to determine which form of text would be appropriate to use.

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