project network diagram draw a project network in visio excel or word given the information below

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Exercise 8: You have signed a contract to build a garage for the Simpsons. You will receive a $500 bonus for completing the project within 15 working days. The contract also includes a penalty clause in which you will lose $100 for each day the project takes longer than 15 working days.

  1. Draw a project network (in Visio, Excel, or Word) given the information below (or create a plan in MS project and make sure to complete the task name, start, finish, duration, predecessors, start slack, and finish slack columns.) If you are drawing the network diagram complete a forward and backward pass, compute the activity slack, and identify the critical path. If you are using MS project, add the “Critical” column to your project plan and then filter the plan based on the value in that field equaling “Y” to show the critical path. Save your work. I think it’s easiest to complete this project network diagram in MS project because the software does it for you once you put in the tasks, dependencies (predecessors,) durations, etc. But if you are not familiar with MS Project then using Visio or Excel might be easier for you. Fee free to ask me questions about this assignment.
  2. Answer the question “Do you expect to receive a bonus or a penalty on this project?” You can write the answer in a word document.

Submit both the Project Network Diagram and the word document containing your answer. Before submitting review the grading rubric below.

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