PSC Western Representative Democracies Question

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1.A.C.Grayling and Michael Sandel illuminate some key problems of Western representative democracies (US and UK). What solutions do these two scholars provide to address these failures?

2.What is Henri Giroux’s thesis on the gradual decline of the US democracy into authoritarian populism? Why is President Trump not solely responsible for this problem? How can we resist racist authoritarian governance associated with the ideology of Trumpism?

3.Keeanga Yamahtta Taylor argues that Black freedom movements democratized American social life. How does a Black Feminist Marxist lens allow her to support her thesis? How do racial ideologies divide working-class consciousness and solidarity between poor people of color and poor white people?

4.Has Multiculturalism failed in the US and in the UK? This is a common debate media engaged by politicians. It is often connected to demonizing minority and migrant communities by focusing on their differences as a problem. Critically engage with this debate elaborating on Paul Gilroy’s ideas. What is Paul Gilroy’s contribution in understanding the politics of multiculturalism and racial thinking that shape polarization and the rise of populist ethnic nationalism in the US and in European democracies?

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