purpose this assignment is to learn about language change like all other aspects of culture language does not stay the same

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purpose of this assignment is to learn about language change. Like all other aspects

of culture, language does not stay the same. Most frequently change comes through the

introduction of new words from other languages (“pecan” from Algonquian), new words associated

with technology (“download”), or catch phrases from the media (like “bling”).

Data: Find a participant who is two generations removed from you (i.e., 40 or so years

older/younger) and ask them to tell you about the jargons (focal vocab), slang, and expressions

about that topic that they used when they were young. Choose a subject to interview them about.

For example topics could include work, dating, religion, race, war, etc

You should describe your (1) participant’s age, ethnicity, places lived, and educational background. (2) Then briefly relate your conversation you had. You may use a chart to list the terms or describe them in a paragraph form. The Oxford English Dictionary or Webster’s Dictionary (links from AU library web page) or sites on D2L may be useful resources: (3) List and define five words or phrases. (4) Give examples of how the words or phrases are used in a complete sentence. (5) Explain when the terms on your list were first used. If you cannot find the origin, ask your participant if they know. Similarly, (6) list the words that your generation uses to describe these concepts today and determine when they originated (expressions like “cool”have come and gone in popularity).

Then comes your (7) analysis: A) What differences in language do you notice (i.e. are some expressions more frank today than in the past)? B) Does the place where your participant grew up or their ethnicity make a difference in their vocabulary? C) In general does the wider use of media today make regional expressions or vocabularies less likely or less important? [Hint: the analysis portion should be about a page long.]

Technical Requirements

Typed in Times 12 point-font, double-spaced, 1” margins on all four sides. Paper length should be 3-4 pages. Be sure to staple papers beforeclass. Include page numbers.

You do not need a cover page/folder. Cite all sources in text and include a full works cited page.

You may use double sided printing.

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