Qualitative vs Quantitative

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Qualitative vs. Quantitative
Data Collection

Ethnology is the study of the
division of humankind based upon race, ethnicity, origins, or characterizations
as found in natural settings. Keeping this definition of ethnology in mind,
create an observational checklist, containing at least 10 items, to examine
people within a social setting while completing a qualitative ethnology study.
Using this observational checklist, complete an observational data collection by
visiting a community venue, such as a shopping mall, a library, or college
campus social area, in which people are readily seen in natural surroundings.
Conduct a brief observational research study using your checklist. Consider how
this experience differs from analyzing numbers when conducting quantitative

approach/communicate with people for this assignment. The only method to be used
is simply observing people in their natural environment and taking appropriate
notes. Contact and communication with observed subjects may result in a
violation of Walden IRB policies.

Post your response to the

  • Describe your experience of
    conducting a brief observation and the experience of this form of data
  • Compare this experience with
    your data analysis experiences in biostatistics.
  • Summarize the strengths and
    limitations of each type of data collection.
  • Which method of data
    collection and analysis are you most comfortable with?

Minimum of 900 words

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