Reflective Journal

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first present and reflect on the relevant teaching about Daoism.

(1) Write a general, introductory paragraph or two first, orienting your reader to the basic
ideas and general perspective of the philosophy as a whole.

(2) In the body of this section of your paper, present and
explain the teachings most relevant to the exercise you performed.

(3) As the conclusion to this presentation, explain how
the exercise you have chosen reflects certain key ideas and why such a practice is done. You are encouraged to think freely
and originally, and to express your perspective, whatever it may be, but are also reminded to give evidence or reason for
your stated views. You may find teachings that directly relate to your life and seem true and convincing, or you may
disagree with all the teachings and find it wholly unsuited to you or your life: whatever the case, you must support your
viewpoint with relevant reasons and make coherent connections with the course materials after having first adequately
(fairly and in sufficient depth) presented the relevant ideas or teaching.

Then, choose from among the following exercises at least one activity to practice. Ideally, this will be one that directly
connects with the topic/s of your reflections, though that is not required. Explain both the practice as you understand it and also what connections it has with relevant teachings from either lecture or the text. Then report on your attempts to practice the exercise/s, giving attention to the specifics of both what you did as well as how it went. Finally, relate your practice to our class materials and explain how it helped—or failed to help—you to understand the relevant teaching better, and if
applicable how it relates to your previous reflections.

More information about you will see in the file below: Formal requirements include all of
the following: (1) page length (4-5 pages, or 4 full pages, minimum); (2) papers must be typed and double-spaced with
appropriate font and margins (e.g., 12 point Times New Roman with 1 inch margins, or, approximately 350-375 words per
page); (3) all text references and quotations must be appropriately cited—for our class books, the abbreviation and page
number will suffice but NOTE

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