relational database systems 5

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Task 1:


Consider the following scenario of a baby day care center. The owner wants to maintain a database for easy access to records related to the day care and other things. The requirements are as follows:

The parents seek admission to the day care center for their child. The owner wants to maintain a detail of the parents of the children seeking day care services. The new parents are given a new identification number. Other details regarding the parents will be the father’s name, mother’s name, the house address, father’s GSM, mother’s GSM to contact them, number of their children in day care. The details regarding the child includes: child identification number, gender, age, parent identification number as reference and the timings. When a child is admitted by the parent the owner wishes to record the following details: date of admission and the total fees. A parent may have one or more children admitted in the day care but a child will be associated to only one parent. There are many supervisors in the day care to care of the children. Each child is assigned a supervisor. A supervisor however may take care off one or more children. The day care also offers transport services. A child may avail the transport or may not avail. One transport has to be associated with at least one child but may carry many children.

a) Construct the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the above given scenario. Identify all the entities, associative entities, attributes of each entity including primary key, relationship between the entities and cardinality constraints. State any assumptions necessary to support your design.

b) Analyze the above given scenario and discuss about the possible structure of any two relations by giving the details on the datatype and the size of each attribute. State any assumptions necessary to support your design.

c) Discuss the possible domain constraints to be implemented in the design given in (b) part to make the design better. State any assumptions necessary to support your design.

Task 2:

a) Normalize the below given Form to First Normal Form, Second Normal Form and Third Normal Form. Make assumptions for the identification of the primary key wherever necessary.


The Form has been uploaded inside file named “Form for Task 3 a” as word file.

b) Give a reflection of how normalization will help in easy maintenance of the database. Support your answer with reference to the above Question. (At least 150 words)

c) Discuss the implementation of integrity constraints in the above scenario. (maximum 400 words)

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** File has been uploaded named “Form for Task 3 a” for task 3 a.

*** I have uploaded an example file for this assignment named “Assignment Database example”.

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