repsonse to two people

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**These are 2 discussion post from other students that need a response. Please need to b at least 100 words. If you use and references please list them.

1st post- Bryce Post

Enlightened anthropocentrism best represents my own view because I believe that it is in the best interest of our species to be good stewards of the environment. I originally thought I would have agreed more with biocentric views, but because of the technological advances throughout human history we now have unnatural abilities that give us the capability to devastate our own ecosystem in ways that were not possible during the dawn of our species.

Freedom for non-human animals means that the animal itself and the habitat it lives in is not being directly manipulated by humans. Neither animals in zoos or circuses are free, but I don’t think that zoos and circuses hold the same moral weight. Circus animals have always been portrayed as being poorly treated and kept in small enclosures. Animals are forced to perform at the circus and the circuses main purpose is entertainment. Zoos on the other hand attempt to put the animals in enclosures that try to mimic their natural habitat. Zoos employ biologists to ensure that the animals needs are met and that the animals are healthy. Zoos also play a role in conservation and I would say they’re main purpose is to educate the public about different species and the importance of conservation.

I don’t believe that hunting and eating meat are morally equivalent. Most of the meat that consumed by humans is not hunted. The meat is mostly coming from livestock farms or industrial farms. I think many people would agree that the way animals are treated at many of these farms is unethical. Many people may also think that hunting is unethical because it is unnecessary due to the fact we have farms that can provide the meat. The bottom line is there are a lot of factors to consider before determining how moral eating meat or hunting is. Such as, how are the animals treated at the farm, how are they housed and feed?

2nd Post- Daniel Post

With the positions of animal rights and the positions described, I take my own stance. I believe that both ecocentrism and anthroposentrism are the answer. To explain that hypocrisy, I offer my stance. I am a Christian that believes God created the heavens and the earth, all living creatures above earth, on earth, and below. Humans are the unique creatures on earth made in His image and to worship him. With that, God also created the animals that are all also precious to Him. If a perfect God took the time to create all these beautiful and fascinating animals, then they are precious to us. We must appreciate what they do for us and the environment. We have to respect nature and humans. Respecting another human is the Christian thing to do, but respecting the planet and all nature within it is also the Christian thing to do. If you hunt, leave the guts for the woods and insects/animals throughout. Use the bones to create handles for knives and tools. Throw the bones out by the pasture for coyotes to gnaw upon. Let the circle of life continue strongly. Just like Lion King taught us too! I believe without all nature and man, the ecosystem is unbalanced. We cannot take each other for granted or the animals and plants around us.

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