RES 815 Grand Canyon University Multiple Identities Integration Discussion Paper

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Research Methods Ethics and Experiments

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1. If you haven’t already read the second half of Ch.2, do so.

2. Watch the preview of the film portraying the Stanford Prison Experiment


Based on Chapter 2, (discuss below) what type of research protocols could have been put in

place to protect the research subjects?

3. Use the template in Chapter 2 ( under content) to write your own research proposal. This

should be a 1-2 page discussion of HOW you would organize a research project. Use a

theoretical perspective, be sure to include what articles you would cite to do your literature

review (you will have these from our Library assignment ), and what research method you would

use to collect your data. ( Additional info in Ch2 Content folder on the document entitled Ch 2

Class participation) Once you complete your proposal, submit it via dropbox in Class

Participation 1.

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