self evaluation paper 6

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In your final paper, you will reflect on your learning and performance in the course using the questions below.

  1. What did you learn about feminism and Women’s Studies this semester? I am interested in specifically what you’re taking from the class. What will you tell others that you learned when they ask? What will you always remember? What will you find useful in your future endeavors? Which topics affected you the most and why?
  2. Why and how is this knowledge important, useful, or relevant?
  3. What did you learn about yourself by being a participant in this class?
  4. What have you contributed to the class?
  5. What do you believe you have earned for a grade in the course? Explain specifically why you have made this appraisal.

Specifications: I expect it will take 2-3 pages to adequately address the questions. Double-spaced; 1-inch margins; 0-point spacing; size 12 Times New Roman font. Submit in Word or PDF format. Please be as thorough as possible. The grade for this assignment will be based on an honest and reflective assessment of your course performance.

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