Seminole College Human Rights Campaign Essay

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The second paper is intended to build upon the foundation laid in the first.  You are encouraged to explore the same organization, group or leader that you examined in your first paper.  But now the idea is to build upon your past research (you can use the same sources, but this has to be an entirely different paper), but go deeper.  You may do this in one of a number of ways:

a) You could explore the broader issue of intersectionality between different “social movements”, by exploring how your particular organization bridges different interests (political, racial, economic, urban/rural, etc.) in the pursuit of its goals, and “steps outside” the traditional boundaries of the social movement with which it is generally associated.  

For instance, the Black Panthers famously lent support to both the women’s movement and LGBTQ movement (at least rhetorically.) While these were not movements that one traditionally associates with the Panthers, analyzing how the Panthers interacted with women’s rights and LGBTQ groups allows us to gain a deeper perspective on the era that all of these movements/organizations were a part. By finding these connections between social movements we can understand the ways in which movements find common purpose with other movements, and grow stronger as a result.

(Feel free to substitute leader above for organization if you decided to research a particular person in the first paper.)

b) You could analyze a particular campaign that your organization or leader conducted that brought the organization in contact with other social movements, international issues of concern, foreign governments, civil wars, land disputes, etc., that the organization may not have been initially familiar with. Pick an event in which the organization or leader was forced to grow or change in some way. The idea, though, is not to cover the history of the entire organization or leader again, but to focus in on a particular action or episode that the organization or leader was involved in that raised challenges the organization or leader might not have been initially familiar with.

c) Some other method of analysis that narrows the focus you brought to the organization or leader in the first paper.

The goal will be to complicate, in some way, the analysis in your first paper, by examining more deeply the array of organizations, groups, leaders, etc. that interact with, conflict with, and/or inform the topic of your first paper.  We will discuss this process in class following submission and discussion of the first student papers.

Remember: the organizations that you examine need not be non-profit advocacy organizations necessarily, but may also be news organizations affiliated or born from various movements, paramilitary groups, social networking groups, labor unions, etc.

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