SFU Skinners Model of Operant Conditioning Discussion

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I need to POST THREE TIMES, please make sure make it able to be divided into 3 posts thanks!

REMEMBER, You must:

  • FIND voluntary behavior to be in Skinner’s model
  • identify the consequences that maintain the behavior and
  • identify the schedule under which they are applied.

If you discuss reflexes, you’re in Pavlov’s model. If opening the dog food wih a can opener results in the dog drooling every time the can opener is used, that’s Pavlov – passive, pairing, reflex.

But, if the dog runs around the kitchen, rolls over or leaps up, that’s voluntary behavior and you’re in Skinner’s model. ‘Consequences rule!’

Be sure to look at the learning from the point of view of the subject, since that is who’s important to you. The psychologist will look at classroom behavior and see whether the teacher is training the students or the students are training the teacher.


Be sure to use Skinner’s model in your discussion post:

Antecedent, what is going on before, a signal or trigger

Behavior, what the individual does – voluntary, not reflex

Consequence, what follows, which affects the likelihood of the Behavior appearing in the future.

For instance,

Antecedent is ice cream truck rolls around,

Behavior is a tantrum.

If the Consequence is ‘time out’, future tantrums are LESS likely to occur. If the Consequence is that a tantrum earns an ice cream, future tantrums are MORE likely to occur and the child is training the caretaker!

AFTER you use the ABC model you have two more jobs to perform:

First, identify the reinforcement or punishment, positive or negative (Tables 6.2 and 6.3)

Second the schedule of reinforcement (Table 6.4).

You must submit your first post, ending with a question, no later than Wednesday the third day after the module opens.

You must post 3 times in each discussion (3 fpr Pavlov, 3 for Skinner) or your grade for the discussion portion of the module will be lowered or set at failing.

Post three times in each of this module’s discussions, that is, three times for Pavlov, three times for Skinner. The rules are posted in the introductory folders.

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