SOC 1010 Columbia Southern University Sociology Essay

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For this assignment, you will reflect on the different  sociological theories   and concepts. You will use  critical thinking to       evaluate those concepts and apply them to your work, home,  and/or community       life. 

Write a two-page reflection paper that addresses the  following        requirements: 

  Explain how sociological   theories and concepts affect your work,                          home, and/or community life and   influence your future      learning                     opportunities. 

   Identify a minimum of two   different sociological concepts or                          theories you learned from this course and   explain how you will        apply       these             sociological concepts or theories to your          work, home,       and/or   community       life.       

   Use specific sociological terms   and concepts from the textbook                          readings and article from the library in your paper to    demonstrate that you   understand and     can       apply     the            concepts. 

  1. Some examples of topics/concepts/theories that you can  apply to your own      life include (but are not limited to): 

    sociological   imagination 

  1.  sociological   perspectives 

 elements of culture 

  1.      breaking norms 


 the role of   socialization

   agents of   socialization 

  •  theories of  self 

 social structure 

  •  roles or status   groups 


  •    social class 

 gender roles 

  •    perspectives on   aging 

life chances 

  •  race/ethnicity 

 social institutions’ (i.e.,   family, religion, education) role in                          society 

  •  social change 

 the environment 

  •  population   dynamics

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