SOCI 3302 TC The Chief Establishments of Contemporary Society Question

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Using the readings The Power Elite and Political Power and Power over the Media, where do you believe power comes from, or how is power created? How is this type of power used to maintain an elite status once it is attained?

In your understanding of the reading South Asians in U.S. Television and Film, do you believe the tactics used to create a racial stereotype identity through the media is unique to South Asians, or is it applied to other racial categories as well? What types of racial stereotypes do you believe the media creates for other groups?  

Using the readings Disproportionate Minority Contact and Pathways to Downward Mobility, how can a factor such as race be influential in both the Juvenal Justice system and as a factor in downward mobility? 

What does Patricia Hill Collins suggest is needed for progressive black sexual politics? Do you believe this is possible or necessary?  

In Women’s Perspective as a Radical Critique of Sociology what does Smith claim to be the difficulties in seeing women’s interest represented in sociology? What does she suggest to improve women’s position in the field of sociology?  

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