SOCI 3305 SDSU Sociology Discussion

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SOCI 3305

1. DP# 5: Think about the cost of research. Why is this important? Give an example of a research project where costs would be minimal? Give an example when a research project would be expensive? Specifically, what would cost money? How are some ways a researcher can get money to fund his or her research? Word Count 250-300 words

2. HW: Go to the following website managed by the U.S. Census Bureau:,US/EDU685218

This site provides data on an array of information collected by the Census Bureau and displays it by nation, state, and county. You will select the state of Texas and analyze how it compares with comparable national data on educational level, poverty indicators, racial and ethnic composition, population growth, and age of the population. Next, you will select a county within the state of Texas and compare it to the Texas state-level data on the same measures mentioned above.

You will put the data, on the measures above, in a word document and submit it.

SOCI 3312

1. DP#5: Look at the following:

What are the three reasons cited by Ms. Childress that states are moving away from the death penalty? Which one do you think is the most valid reason to move away from the death penalty? Do the reasons cause you to question your stance on the DP? Word Count 250-300 words

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