Social Problems Discussion

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Many of the events, institutions, functions and dysfunctions that we witness and respond to in society are both the result of the places and spaces we occupy in society (both physical and social) and what we are taught about society, how it functions and how it should function.

Considering the topic you selected last week regarding social problem, explore more deeply now, and discuss what beliefs, values, ideas and ideals that you have been socialized into that lead to your acceptance or rejection of issues as social problems.

  1. Refer to Self and Society Chapters 1 and 2 to chart the theoretical approach that (you think) influenced your socialization (ex: Learning Theory, Exchange Theory etc.).
  2. Trace your intellectual or social journey through the basic concepts of Symbolic Interactionism (S&S Ch 2) that led to your “solutions’ presented regarding the identification of social problems. For example, where there significant symbols? Objects? Acts and social acts? Etc.
  3. Finally, as you read through Marjane’s intellectual awakening and learning her family history in The Party, The Heroes, Moscow and The Sheep Which theoretical approach applies to her experience? What are the significant symbols, objects, acts and social acts are prevalent in her life? How do self and the control of behavior play into her experience? What roles doe she take on? How does she begin to define situations?

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